Cameroon 2018

From 28 February till 7 March the Brussels Airlines biking team will cross in 5 biking days this country, which is known as "Africa in miniature", because it has so much to offer!

The fourth edition of our mountain bike adventure (1-7 March 2018) will bring us to this amazing country that is nicknamed “Africa in miniature” for all it has to offer! Over 5 biking days, we will cross the southern part of Cameroon, terrain that includes rain forest, desert plains, mountains and high plateau.  

We will set foot in amongst Bangangté, the monastery of Koutaba, Bangourain, and the paradise of Petpenoun. The cyclists who took part in the previous expeditions, will testify to the incredible team spirit on the trips, and of the heartwarming contact with the local people in remote villages. We have high ambitions for this 4th edition!

Our aim is to raise not less than €200.000 that will be donated to Mercyships, one of our partners (with smaller donations to two Belgian charities and one technical school in Foumbot, Cameroun). The Africa Mercy, the world's largest hospital ship, will lie at anchor in Douala, a perfect opportunity for the bikers' group to see the medical teams at work and actually meet the beneficiaries of their fundraising work.



We supported following organisations

"Eindelijk” (Buggenhout)

The association "Eindelijk" in Buggenhout is a day care centre for 20 people with traumatic brain injury, that offers acrivities, social contact and permanent revalidation. To allow the residents to attend sports and other events they are in need of a minibus. Bike for Africa 2018 will financially support this purchase.


In the village of Foumbot, we will also be visiting the newly built technical school by our friends of Vélo Afrique, that can accommodate 700 pupils. A modest part of the collected funds will be used to financially support the further enlargement of the school with some new classrooms. 


Bike for Africa 2018 will financially support Mercyships, a partner since 2010. The Africa Mercy, the world's largest hospital ship, will lie at anchor in Douala, a perfect opportunity for the bikers' group to see the medical teams at work and actually meet the beneficiaries of their fundraising work. Mercyships is an international organisation that sails with the largest private hospital ship (the "Africa Mercy") to African countries to provide free surgeries, treatments and trainings. Aboard more than 400 volunteers who pay their own travel and accommodation: doctors, nurses, engineers, farmers, construction workers, etc. From August 2017 till June 2018 the Africa Mercy will lie at anchor at the coast of Cameroon.

The funds raised by Bike for Africa will be used to support this 11-month mission in Cameroon. More details will be given shortly.

“Samarcande” (Etterbeek)

Samarcande is an association that provides support to children and their families who find themselves in problematic situations. To enable the children to take part in social activities, sport camps, cultural events etc. the association is in need of a vehicle. Bike for Africa 2018 will financially support this purchase.


Explore the Programme

  • 28 Feb: flight Brussels to Douala for Brussels Airlines staff  - transfer to Bangangté
  • 1 Mar : flight Brussels to Douala for Gold sponsors - transfer to group
  • 2 Mar : anganté - Bandjoun (44km – heavy & hilly)
  • 3 Mar : Bandjoun - Koutaba Monastery (76km) 
  • 4 Mar : Koutaba Monastery – Bangourain (camping site) : choice between 50 km or 80 km
  • 5 Mar : Bangourain – Petpenoun (choice between 50 km or 75  km
  • 6 Mar  : Petpenoun – Petpenoun with visit of school in Foumbot. Transfer to Douala. 
  • 7 Mar : Guided tour and visit of the Africa Mercy ship. Flight Douala-Brussels (arriving in Brussels early on 8 March). 

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Today was the very last biking day of Bike for Africa 2018, an edition never to forget! At 9AM we left our accommodation at the lake of Petpenoun to bike to Foumbot where we were warmly welcomed by the Technical School of Foumbat. This school was one ... Read more
Today we headed to Petpenoun, our final destination before we go back to Douala. Just like yesterday we have 2 different stages again. A tough one of 88km and a smaller, but still challenging one of 51km. Due to both the heat and the steep hills, the ... Read more
On the third biking day we left the monastery of Nkoutie early in the morning. The group could choose between 2 stages: a “short” one of 51km and 730 height meters or the long one of 87km and 1760 height meters. A team of 20 opted for ... Read more

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