A beautiful hike through the Pride Lands from The Lion King

A beautiful hike through the Pride Lands from The Lion King

Following a smooth flight, we arrived in Accra on Thursday evening and received a warm welcome at our beach hotel with Ghanaian music and dancers. Later that evening, some of our colleagues opted for a late-night swim to escape the heat, and before long, many of us joined in, concluding our first day in Ghana with a refreshing communal dip in the pool.

This morning, our paths diverged as the hikers embarked on their inaugural trek in Shai Hills Natural Reserve, while the bikers headed towards Akosombo for the official commencement of Bike in Africa scheduled for Saturday. However, not before capturing a final group picture on the beach in Accra.

After a 2.5-hour bus journey, where traffic jams seem to be a common occurrence here too, we eventually reached the kick-off location for Hike in Africa: Shai Hills Natural Reserve. The trek through this picturesque savanna resembled a stroll through the Pride Lands from The Lion King, with magnificent views accompanying us throughout the 12.4 km hike scheduled for today. Moreover, we had the pleasure of spotting some wildlife along the way! Baboons welcomed us at the entrance, and later on, we even caught sight of some zebras.

Midway through the hike, an additional option awaited those seeking a little extra adventure: a 750-meter ascent for a breathtaking view of the national park. Although it consumed both time and considerable energy under the scorching heat, the effort proved completely worthwhile!

Following this ascent, the hikers had a remaining 5km to reach tonight's camp at Mogo Rock, where a delightful aperitif featuring delicious mocktails and a dinner with a scenic view awaited us. Despite the challenging day, primarily due to the intense heat, everyone successfully crossed the finish line and savored a pleasant evening atop the rock.

And what about the bikers? They embarked on a brief warm-up tour before the official start on Saturday. So stay tuned for more updates on their journey starting tomorrow!

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