Off we go!

Off we go!

Today marks the beginning of a new and exciting adventure. A group of close to 100 hikers AND bikers take off to Ghana for an epic expedition in the magnificent Volta region. Yes, you read that right: for the first time in the history of this initiative, it’s not only “Bike in Africa”, but also “Hike in Africa”.

In the biking edition, enthusiastic bikers from across the entire Lufthansa Group will tackle five challenging stages, commencing and concluding their journey in Akosombo, approximately 100 kilometers north of Ghana's capital, Accra. Meanwhile, the hikers are gearing up for a thrilling 6-day hiking adventure, starting at the Shai Hills National Park and concluding their journey in Akosombo alongside the biking team.

As always, the project also has a CSR angle that is developed in cooperation with help alliance, the Lufthansa Group’s aid organization. In the margin of the sports activities, we will share skills and knowledge through Design Thinking workshops, to foster innovation and create additional employment among local entrepreneurs. We have selected Bravehaerts Expeditions LTD, a small enterprise that focuses on the development of touristic activities in the Volta region, and Wasteman Ghana, a company that collects mainly plastic waste to process it into sustainable materials.

To ensure the smooth coordination of all activities, both groups will be accompanied by a dedicated support team, including our own medical professionals. Last but not least, a media team will be present to capture and document everything along the way.

In total 120 enthusiastic colleagues are boarding SN277 today, ready for an incredible adventure. If you want to follow along, stay tuned on or check out the Brussels Airlines Instagram account. We'll do our best to keep you updated every day (pending reliable internet). See you in Ghana!


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