Closing the chapter of Bike and Hike in Africa 2024

Closing the chapter of Bike and Hike in Africa 2024

Today marks the final active day of Bike and Hike in Africa 2024. Both groups had a challenging program to conclude this edition. The cyclists began their day at 5:30 AM for the longest ride of the week: a 100km journey from Biakpa back to Akosombo, where we officially launched Bike in Africa five days ago.

Participants seeking an extra challenge had the option to intensify their day by incorporating a spectacular 15km single-track into today's program, and a majority of the group chose to do so. For those who didn't feel prepared for the 100km, an alternative was available to join the course later, covering an equally picturesque 63km to reach the finish.

Regrettably, two bikers were unable to complete the final stretch by bike due to broken bicycles. However, both were fortunate enough to cover the majority of the track today. Yves, one of our technicians and one of the two unfortunate ones, had a memorable experience as he received a lift from a motorbike, transporting both him and his bike to the next checkpoint.

Enduring temperatures reaching up to 45 degrees on both gravel and tar roads, the finish wasn't an easy feat, yet that may have contributed to making it even more unforgettable. Participants embraced each other, finding it hard to believe that the journey has come to an end.

The hikers experienced a similar narrative today. They, too, embarked on a lengthy hiking trail to conclude Hike in Africa with grace. Participants had the choice to undertake the entire track, spanning more than 18km. Alternatively, they also had the option to join in halfway, ensuring that everyone could conclude this edition at the exact same spot.

The designated spot was the jetty, the departure point for both the hikers and bikers on the boat journey to our shared final destination: the Royal Senchi hotel in Akosombo. Some were so eager for a refreshing shower that they couldn't resist jumping into the river straight away.

It marked a fantastic conclusion to an already exceptional edition of Bike and Hike in Africa 2024.


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