The views keep on getting better

The views keep on getting better

The 4th stage started today in Gisenyi. Our cyclists had to overcome 1.200 hight meters over 49km. With all the hills from the previous days still in mind, and most probably also in the legs, this wasn’t going to be an easy ride. That’s why it wasn’t a big surprise that the vast majority picked the moderate track over the extreme one.

Every day so far, we encountered beautiful views. And every day we think it can’t get any better than this. But, surprise, the views got better again! Throughout the track you had beautiful sights on previous parts of the trail, and many stops to take selfies ;)

It wasn’t all about cycling today however. We also started our second design thinking project. In a 2-day session we support Kinunu Agroprocessing to improve their coffee business from A to Z. We started with a tour in the factory and then made sure we were all aligned on the needs. Tomorrow we’ll go a step further and we’ll come up with solutions based on their needs.

Tomorrow is also our last biking day of Bike for Africa 2020. Once more it will be a tough ride, but we’re all looking forward to it!


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