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Flight SN203 departure: 11h05 arrival: 16h15 (17h15 Brussels time) At 9AM sharp all 45 Brussels Airlines colleagues assembled at Brussels Airport to start the check-in for Bike For Africa. 45 enthusiasts eager to get on the plane to Dakar. We see old familiar faces like flight attendants ... Read more
In the weekend of 16 & 17 January all bikers dropped off their bikes a Brucargo, where they were disassembled and safely stored in boxes. On 22 January all bikes were transported to Dakar, waiting to be moved to our first stopover, Les Manguiers de Guéréo.Read more
On Tuesday 15 December a last info session was given, where all participants got an update on the programme and the praciticalities. They all received a sweater from Ramblaz and a helmet from Lazer - thanks Ramblaz & Lazer! 40 days to before take-off....Read more
A glimpse of the new be released at our final infosession of 15 December!Read more
The second scouting trip is over, the team is ready to return home. Thanks Yves, Stefan & Wim, good job!Read more
Today our scouting team biked over 100 km, combining days 1 and 2. very hot, but beautiful scenery and great off-road trails! Tonight staying over in Toubakouta, tomorrow they're crossing the Gambian border. Good luck Stefan, Yves and Wim!Read more
On Sunday 18 October the Belgian Cycling Federation organised a technical training session for the group in the area of Ronse, centre of the Flemish Ardennes. Coach Filip Meirhaeghe was able to learn them some useful tricks on how to descend and climb.Read more
We are honoured that Piet Goddaer aka Ozark Henry, Belgium's top musician and passionate biker, has accepted to join us in Senegal and The Gambia.Read more
Already our 3rd training session....On 26 July we went for 50 km on sandy single tracks in the woods around Stabroek - a good preparation for Senegal!Read more
Our second training session took place on Sunday 7 June in the magnificent Hageland, around Rotselaar and Holsbeek. We cycled 50 km and ended in the sports hall of Rotselaar, where we were welcomed by the Junior Bears on Wheels, who gave the cyclists an initiation in wheelchair basketball.Read more

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