Ready? Set. Go!

Ready? Set. Go!

Yesterday morning we kicked off Bike for Africa 2018. At 10am we were warmly welcomed by the mayor of Bangangté for the official start of our biking journey through Cameroon.

Official start

An impressive group of no less than 70 cyclists was eager to start the 49km long bike ride to Bandjoun.

group picture

One of them is Anton, management trainee at our Commercial department. This is his very first Bike for Africa and the reason why he’s participating is clear: as Africa is Brussels Airlines’ second home, he wants to learn all about it.


A few days ago we asked Anton what he expected from this trip. “An adventure where I will be challenged sportively, and where I get in touch with the real Africa”, was his answer.

So what was his verdict after day 1? “Everything was organised perfectly and the group is really one of a kind, but the combination of the warmth and the steep hills, made it a real challenge today!”

And those steep hills were indeed the talk of the day… It was a rather short ride, but all the uphill cycling made it a though one for sure!

After the first day of cycling, we had another short trip on our program: a visit to the Chefferie of Bandjoun, the place where the chef of the town lives. As soon as we arrived, we all were blown away by the wooden sculptures on the building…


The next biking day will bring us to Nkoutie, where the finish line is set at the local monastery. See you there!

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